Fuel Your Pursuit

High-Caliber & Zero Sugar


Special Edition Cans - For a Limited Time Only

Primos Hunting and Pursuit Energy join forces to bring you great tasting energy for your all-day hunt.

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Great Tasting Energy

Born to Hunt

No Bitter Aftertaste
2 Cups of Coffee
No Spikes or Crashes
Be Alert
Tastes Like Soda
Made in the USA

Inside Pursuit

Fuel Your Pursuit, Together

Don’t call it a day. With Pursuit Energy Drinks you and your friends can enjoy an all-day hunt with all-day energy. 

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Real People, Real Reviews.

Pursuit Energy Orange is the best energy drink! I love the flavor and taste. It doesn’t have that nasty aftertaste like the competitors have and it gets me my caffeine without the other ingredients. They also support our veterans as well. I give this drink 5 stars!

Justin E.

I enjoy the orange flavor pursuit energy drink. The flavor is a lot easier to drink compared to other brands that taste like medicine. Looking over the nutrition they are much better than other brands as well.

Chris B.

I got the Blue Raspberry, Original and Mix Pak. I love the taste and it drinks easy. I shared with some of my co workers and they loved it too! In my job the boost is awesome to get me through the day! I don’t miss the Monsters I used to drink. 

Jonathan C.